Roundwood to Glendalough

Distance: 12km | Ascent: 350m | Time: 4hrs

Following the first two stages of the Wicklow Way at around 20km each, stage three comes as a pleasant contrast with the trail being just 10-12km long. This will allow some time for exploring the very heart of the Wicklow uplands located at the junction of four major glacial valleys (Avonmore, Glenmacnass, Glendasan and Glendalough) at Laragh (pronounced la-ra) and Glendalough (pronounced glen-da-lock). This area has much to offer both scenically and historically and those who can spare an extra day to explore it will be richly rewarded.

Beginning at Roundwood, regain the Wicklow Way just north of Oldbridge. Continue hiking on the public road for a further 3km over Drumray, turning right at 40km onto a lane. This leads to the north-eastern shoulder of Paddock Hill.

The walking route continues over the hill and then descends to cross the Glenmacnass road. If Laragh (a lively village with a good choice of accommodation, shops, pubs and restaurants) is your destination remain on the road for 1km.

If continuing to Glendalough remain on the route which immediately enters Brockagh Forest - with its all too obvious evidence of recent timber harvesting and replanting. This is followed by the hauntingly scenic approach to Glendalough, which provides a welcome contrast and a choice of accommodation.

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