Laragh (village)

Distance from Wicklow Way: 1.0 km

Grocery Shop Restaurant | Café Pub Public Phone Postal Service

Located at the junction of the four principal motor routes through county Wicklow, Laragh is right in the heart of the Uplands; this plus its proximity to Glendalough makes this a lively and busy village.

The northern approach from the Wicklow Way is along The Military Road, built at the beginning of the 19th century to enable the British government and military powers to maintain order after the rebellion of 1798.

As well as shops, restaurant, coffee shop, plus hotel and other accommodation, Laragh also hosts a vibrant community centre -the Brockagh Resource Centre- where a very successful organic and other produce market takes place each fortnight.

Accommodation Options:
  • Wicklow Way Bus : (0404) 29000 / (087) 8176630
  • St Kevin's Bus : Daily buses to Dublin via Roundwood
  • Glendalough Cabs : Taxi (087) 972 9452
  • Gerry O'Toole : Coach / Mini-Bus (087) 204 7916

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