Glendalough (hamlet)

Distance from Wicklow Way: 0.0 km

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Glendalough is the historical heartland of the entire upland area where the extensive ruined remnants of the medieval monastic city founded by St Kevin in the 6th century are located. The round tower is 35m in height and the immediate surroundings contain the remains of many of the early churches.

Another long-distance walking trail Saint Kevins Way, an old pilgrim trail from Hollywood, 30km distant in West Wicklow terminates here. As most of Glendalough lies within the boundaries of the Wicklow Mountains National Park, there are numerous other walks sign-posted trails in the area ranging from 2kms to 11kms in length.

The Visitor Centre, located on the Wicklow Way, provides maps and much other useful information about the entire area and is well worth a visit.

Accommodation Options:
  • Wicklow Way Bus : (0404) 29000 / (087) 8176630
  • St Kevin's Bus : Daily buses to Dublin via Roundwood
  • Glendalough Cabs : Taxi (087) 972 9452
  • Gerry O'Toole : Coach / Mini-Bus (087) 204 7916

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