Aughrim (town)

Distance from Wicklow Way: 9.0 km

Grocery Shop Restaurant | Café Pub Public Phone Postal Service

Aughrim is the nearest town for those finishing a Wicklow Way stage at Iron Bridge in the Ow River Valley. The town exudes great community spirit, so very evident in the considerable pride taken by the residents in its always colourful and tidy appearance. In addition to winning the title of the "Tidiest Small Town in Ireland" in 2006 and again in 2009. Aughrim also struck gold in the European-wide "Entente-Florale" competition in 2007.

Visitor-attractions include angling on a stocked small lake and lawn-bowling. In addition there is a pleasant 4km riverside and woodland walk starting at Tinnakilly Bridge following the Ballycreen Brook from Aughrim village deep into the Tinnakilly Woods. Alder, Oak, Birch and Sycamore trees grace the riverbanks while wild-life to watch out for include dippers, wrens and stoats.

Accommodation Options:
  • Sean Byrne : Hackney & Minibus Hire (086)401 4250
  • Eugene Stapleton : Taxi (0402)367 00 / (087)852 5553

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