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  • Publisher: Glencree Centre
  • Pages: 16
  • Folded Size: 15 x 21cm
  • Published: 2010
  • Retail Price: €2.00

Glencree is an often overlooked corner of Wicklow that has many unique tales to tell from various key moments in Irish History. These stories span a broad range events which include the building of the Military Road and Glencree Barracks in reaction to the Irish Rebellion of 1798; the opening of a Reformatory School for boys in the aftermath of the Great Famine in the 1850s; the burial of German Soldiers who died in Ireland in both of the World Wars; the fostering of German orphans through Operation Shamrock after World War Two; and the more recent continual role of the Centre for Peace and Reconciliation. The 'Glencree Story' includes descriptions of four short walks in the area which helps to tie all of the various strands of history together.

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